ANSWER: To be the shark in the ocean of fishes.

ANSWER: It is made of high quality thermo plastic that provides strong rigidity, protection from the sun and will handle cold temperatures.

ANSWER: Plastic is injected into a mold that configures to the fin’s unique shape. The graphics are added later.

ANSWER: Currently we have one original size.

ANSWER: Base is 7″ by 2″ wide. Height is 7″.

ANSWER: My parents took me to see Jaws when I was younger (32) and I still won’t go swimming.

ANSWER: Fin Your Ride looks great on your roof, hood, trunk, boat, RV, truck, or office. You decide!

ANSWER: Fin Your Ride attaches to any surface using 3M bonding tape.

ANSWER: Yes, the bonding tape will go through all car washes.

ANSWER: No, the bonding tape won’t chemically react to your painted surface.

ANSWER: It can be removed using citrus cleaning spray found at your hardware, auto parts, or drug store

ANSWER: Fin Your Ride has been wind tunnel tested at 360 Degree Product Testing in Younkers NY. The fin will stay on your vehicle longer then your vehicle will stay on the road.

ANSWER: Fin Your Ride is designed for all highway conditions.